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UK MDF / HDF Distributor

Welcome to LCM Distribution, the materials division of LCM, dedicated to providing top-quality MDF/HDF solutions to UK businesses.

The UK's Jumbo MDF Problem

The Density Problem

There is a lot of MDF available in the UK, but higher density MDF is much less common, yet it solves so many problems.

Businesses undertaking any deep routing (eg fluted panels), profiling (eg shaker doors) or mouldings (eg skirtings/architraves) could significantly benefit from using higher density MDF, less labour time and lower consumables costs.

The Size Problem

Sourcing large MFC sheets (2800mm x 2070mm) in the UK is easy. However, finding jumbo Raw or Moisture Resistant MDF in the same size is difficult.

This effectively means that UK businesses making significant investments into Jumbo Nesting CNC Machines and/or Beam Saws, are not able to fully utilise their equipment due to material size limitations.

Our Solution

That’s where we step in. We can provide competitively priced, premium density MDF sheets, across a range of sizes and thicknesses, including Jumbo boards (2800 x 2070), the UK’s favourite size 2440mm x 1220mm, plus many more.

This ensures UK businesses are maximising their yield of materials, whilst minimising setup time and wasted off-cuts.

UK MDF Distributor

London City Merchant (LCM) serves the UK as a specialist fit-out contractor, so we use a lot of MDF.

LCM-distribution is the materials division of our business, currently focusing on MDF/HDF.  

We offer a range of sizes and thicknesses across Raw, Moisture Resistant and Laminated boards.

We identified a problem for many businesses in the UK (including ourselves), that after investing in jumbo bed CNC nesting machines /Beam Saws, typically only 2800mm x 2070mm ‘decorative sheet’ materials were available to order from UK merchants and distributors.

MDF Products

Discover our range of MDF products. Click on each product to find out more...

Why Choose Us?

More Profit

Fewer consumable costs and less labour intensive

Industry Leading

We offer industry leading density from 750-1100 kg/m3

Better Quality

Less preparing and finishing required, reducing primers/sanding/de-nibbing


We are the exclusive UK Import and Distribution Partner for Rezult LLC


We support the Ukraine

Enhanced Reputation

Improve your reputation with internal stakeholders and external clients


We've partnered with Ukrainian brand "Rezult", acting as their sole distributor in UK.

MDF is produced at their Korosten factory in Northern Ukraine, equipped with modern industrial machinery, a huge warehouse facility and a large transportation network.

Our annual output of MDF production is...

300,000 m3

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We are proud to work with both end-users of MDF and distribution partners, to ensure more UK businesses’ have access to competitively priced, high density MDF.

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